Are You Confused?

Hi Friends, Today we are talking about confusions in our life.

Everyday we wake up and start to continue our routine without any spark in our mind that today we want to escape our routine and do something unique am i right?

Let me tell you something I’m an engineer, I’ve a job so everyday after waking up I’m getting ready to attend my job where I am doing the task assigned to me and at the end of the day I am completely tired of doing work that’s why somehow I prefer to getting rest. isn’t it sounds common?

Yeah we all following this routine somehow right?

Most of people are confused about their carrier either they are doing job for survival of them or they actually loving their job but most of ratio is included in first scenario doing job because of several responsibilities of their family or any other reasons Right?

See it’s not about making money! it’s all about living a joyful life enjoying glory of the life.

Let your passion turns into money making strategies work on it and take a little little actions in it on day to day bases. Just go with it because no one will push you up more than yourself, only you can make change in your life.

I’m sharing this thought of mine with all of you because i love to see progress in someone else life because of me, if someone get changes in their life and achieve something after reading such thoughts and improve their life, it’s big achievement for me.

See “Life is as simple as that, peoples are complicated”.

If you understand that you will be unstoppable, it’s not necessary to make too much friends or even make friends. be real, be loyal, be faithful and be honest with yourself the true one will be find you and be with you forever.

we all know how people are in our presence and how people are in our absence right? we know peoples around us and their behaviour most of people will like to get in touch with you if you are profitable to them or you have some level of status elsewhere how they behave we all know right?

See people are not dump or useless but the one who treat them like dump or useless are the people who made them feel like dump or useless actually they are dump and useless who made someone feel like that way.

Do respect to all people around you even if they are from your “lower level status” or “whatever myth” you have inside your head.

We are made for help each other and grow not for compete each other and dump Right?

Just Think Once…


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