Time Heals?

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Today we are talking about some emotional and practical topic of our life. i think you all had listened that time heals everything or with time everything will be alright right?? yeah, it’s true somehow but some of things never gonna heal anyhow it’ll remind you until your last breath there are lots of examples in our life which we want to forget but we can’t.

We all have elders in our family right? some of us had lost them like me also i miss my grand pa, grand ma and my cousin little sister who got expire due to some circumstances in every occasion and every festival i just gonna miss them like a sad emptiness

We all have such a persons in our life whom we miss a lot but we don’t have that one.

It depends, if you are practical with all the moments of your life then you never gonna missed someone or may be you will forget someone who was your nearest one once, it’s all depends on you if you are sensitive person or soft hearted person with full of feelings you’ll never forget them anyhow no matter how much you try to forget them or not.

I’ve meet lots of people in my life, most of them likes my company but few of them actually cares for me as we know real friends are rare.

One of good lesson i’d learned from life is be good to everyone because your character defines who you are but stay away from peoples who feels you worthless or try to downgrade you, karma will play role all will get what they had plant right so be your bestest and take care of your family they deserves it.

One more Advice for you my friends if you want:
If you are passing from your baddest time ever, stay calm, stay in peace and try to control your self because bad times will make you strongest version of yours and it’ll come up with evergreen success.

I know you all already known what i’d written here but we peoples have only knowledge of such a things but we didn’t apply it in our life like “EVERYONE HAVE SOLUTIONS BUT THE PROBLEM WILL BE OF OTHERS” Right?

After all this we all are humans (different different creatures) we all have to deal with lots of peoples in our life whom we never know what kind of situation they are survive so be kind to all whom you meet it’ll be good for them and you as well.

Last Question : Time Heals?

It might be or not be depends on you.


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