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Once in life you want to be alone, no one near you only you.

In Life We meet lots of people in our workplace / publicplace / functions / celebrations etc but only few of them are our special one with whom we want to spent our life.

Sometimes words never explained by letters it’s just flows with our goosebumps or with our little eyes with few amounts of h2o.

Everyday most of us are doing our routines (job / travel / eat) after all this we got sometime as free-time which is mostly people use for entertaining themselves by social media or other mediums.

Few people are investing that time in themselves for improvements still there must be few time is remaining in this time most of think about whats going on in our life? and then suddenly we divert our mind to another thing bcas its bad truth that mostly people are doing what they don’t want to thats why we want get quality of work because people don’t love what they are doing then how can they perform well?

Make sure everyday you done at least one thing which make you satisfied that you are improved then previous day.

See there are lots of people around us lots of are surviving for balance their work life and personal life due to the lack of confidence for taking a risk and stay out from the comfort zone!!

The bestest way to get improvement in yourself is write everyday what you have done and what you want to done compare everyday and improve it day by day.

Read Once:

Tujhe koi rokde na kisi ki aukat,
________Tu kar mahenat wakt tere sath,
Kam nind khat pe khana hamesha baat ke,
________Sapno ke piche krde yara din rate,
Kamyabi ka ek hi he mantra,
________Piche padja tu nishane ke thith bunkar,
Na sochta sikandar na jiti jati duniya
________Tu bi banda vo bi banda thoda bi na antar,
Farq bs soch ka tu sidiya na gin,
________Dictionary se nikalde namumkin,
Jod jod eate yara banta hein ghar,
________Sabar kar mahel banega ek din.”

“Sapne dekhte rehna or sapno se ladna sab pura hota he sab.”

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