Why is predictive maintenance misunderstood for plant improvement programs?

Predictive maintenance is one of the most misunderstood and misapplied plant optimization strategies.

It is most commonly used to prevent the catastrophic collapse of key-spinning machinery.

Predictive maintenance is defined by others as a maintenance schedule technology that uses vibration and infrared or lubricating oil analysis data to indicate the requirement for corrective maintenance tasks.

Few people believe that predictive maintenance is the solution for our dangerously ailing facilities, according to sellers of predictive maintenance technologies.

The fact that it is purely a maintenance management tool is a recurring feature in these definitions.

Because of these beliefs, the vast majority of developed predictive maintenance programs have failed to deliver a significant reduction in maintenance costs or a quantifiable increase in overall plant performance.

In reality, the opposite is far too often.

The initiative has directly raised the annual expenses of repairs, repair components, product quality, and manufacturing in many situations.

Predictive maintenance is more than just a maintenance schedule tool, and it should not be limited to maintenance management.

As part of an integrated, complete plant performance management program, it can give a method to increase our manufacturing and production facilities’ output capacity, product quality, and overall effectiveness.


Predictive maintenance is not a cure-all for all of the issues that restrict overall plant performance.

In reality, it has no direct impact on plant performance.

Predictive maintenance is a management strategy that, simply put, optimizes whole plant operation by evaluating the actual working condition of plant equipment, production systems, and plant management activities on a regular basis.

A predictive maintenance program generates data.

Plant performance cannot be improved until action is done to address the deviations or issues identified by the program.

As a result, before any substantial advantage can be obtained, a management mindset dedicated to planting improvement must exist.

A predictive maintenance program cannot give the tools to fix poor plant performance without the unequivocal commitment and support of top management and the full collaboration of all plant departments.

Predictive technology may be utilized for much more than simply monitoring the status of crucial industrial gear.

The system enables precise evaluation of all functional groups inside the organization, such as maintenance.

When applied correctly, predictive maintenance may detect the majority, if not all, of the problems that restrict the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the plant.

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