Top 5 Best Short Stories

Short Story – Happiness :

The community had an elderly resident. One of the world’s most unlucky individuals, he. The entire community had grown weary of him since he was perpetually pessimistic, whined frequently, and was generally unhappy.

He became more and more bilious as he aged, and his remarks became more and more lethal. Because his misery spread, people avoided him. Even being joyful next to him was inappropriate and offensive.

Others’ feelings of misery were brought upon by him.

However, a remarkable occurrence occurred when he became 80 years old. All of a sudden, everyone became aware of the rumour:

“An Old Man is Happy Today; He Complains About Nothing, Smirks, and Even His Face is Freshened Up.”

The entire village came together. He questioned the elderly man:

What transpired, you? asked the villager.

Nothing unique. I spent 80 years trying to find happiness, but it was fruitless. I finally made the decision to live without happiness and simply appreciate life. I’m now joyful because of it. – An Elder

Story’s lesson:

Resist the urge to seek happiness. Relish in life.

Short Story – Problems :

People have been complaining about the same issues again to the wise man. He sprung a joke on them one day, and everyone laughed aloud.

Only a handful of them smiled when he repeated the joke after a few minutes.

No one laughed any longer as he repeated the joke a third time.

The sage grinned and said:

“You can’t keep laughing at the same joke. So why do you keep whining about the same issue?

Story lesson:

Worrying is a time and energy waster that won’t help you address your problems.

Short Story – Reciprocation :

Every day, a salt vendor would ride his donkey to the market with the salt sack.

They had to cross a brook on the way. One day, the salt sack and the donkey also unexpectedly fell into the creek. The bag became incredibly light to carry since the salt dissolved in the water. The mule was content.

The donkey then began performing the same stunt every day.

The salt vendor realised the con and made the decision to correct it. He put a cotton sack on the donkey the following morning.

Once more, it employed the same ruse in the hopes that the cotton bag would continue to lose weight.

However, the donkey agonised while carrying the wet cotton since it was so heavy. It gained insight. After that day, it stopped working, which pleased the vendor.

Story lesson:

Fortune does not always smile upon us.

Short Story – The Four Wise Scholars :

Four college students were out late one night partying and neglected to study for the test that was due the next day. They came up with a strategy in the morning.

They covered themselves with oil and filth to seem unclean.

Then they went to the Dean and said that they had attended a wedding the previous evening and had to push their car all the way back since a tyre had burst on the way there. They were therefore unfit to take the test.

After a brief pause, the Dean announced that they may retake the exam in 3 days. They thanked him and promised to be prepared by then.

They showed up in front of the Dean on the third day. As this was a Special Condition Test, the Dean said, each of the four students had to take the exam in a different classroom. They all agreed, noting how well they had prepared over the previous three days.

There were just two questions on the test, totaling 100 points:

1. Your Name? _ (1 Points) 

2. What tyre ruptured? _  (99 Points)
Options include (a) Front Left, (b) Front Right, (c) Back Left, and (d) Back Right.

Story lesson:

You will learn your lesson if you don’t accept responsibility.

Short Story – Helping :

A slave who has been mistreated by his owner flees to the jungle. There, he encounters a lion who is in discomfort due to a thorn in his paw. The slave boldly advances and delicately removes the thorn.

Without harming him, the lion leaves.

A few days later, the slave’s owner goes hunting in the forest, where he captures and cages several animals. The slave is discovered by the men of the masters, who then capture him and deliver him to the ruthless master.

The slave is to be tossed into the lion’s cage, the master orders.

The slave is awaiting his death in the cage when he realizes that it is the same lion that he had helped. The slave rescued the lion and all other caged animals.

Story lesson:

Helping others will help you also.

If someone doesn’t value your presence, Leave!


“Love is just a connection of soul, You can be together without being together” – K

You can change someone’s life by helping them a little bit more


Helping Hands.

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