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Ridge RFID Wallet (Carbon Fiber 3K)

Although The Ridge is renowned for producing minimalist wallets, this one stands out because it inhibits radio frequency identification signals (RFID), making it difficult for thieves to access your credit cards.

Unfortunately, hackers have developed tools that allow them to steal information from your cards even while they are in your back pocket.

Smart Tire

A smart bicycle tires that never flattens has been developed by the Startup business.

It makes use of cutting-edge lightweight materials called NiTinol+ to help you keep the tires shape without ever falling flat.

One tyre will last the lifetime of your bike, according to the company, which might ultimately save you money.

Bottle of Smart Water with HidrateSpark Tap

You may choose from a variety of colours for this cool water bottle, which illuminates to remind you to drink twelve times daily.

In order to record your hydration, it also syncs.

as well as assist you in setting a specific hydration objective.

It’s never been more hip to drink water!

Robotic household Amazon Astro

The Spy report revealed three new home robots that are among Amazon’s 35 best products. We wanted to share this one with you even though they are difficult to find.

This robot is a home helper that can roam freely throughout your house to keep an eye on things. (I have no idea what it means.) You may either keep it as a pet or utilise it as security.


Although the HushMe may resemble a future face mask, its purpose is very different from anti-viral fashion. It’s intended to muffle the sound of your calls when you’re out in public.

The HushMe, which connects to your phone, is meant to be worn around your lips while headphones are linked for audio. Then you may accept calls without worrying about listening in.


Although the Pavlok may have a unique appearance, its function is somewhat less entertaining. This group uses some interesting strategies to establish positive habits and eradicate negative ones. Every time you are about to give in to a negative habit, the band really shocks you briefly and safely. Yes, an electric jolt.


The Somnox is a robot cushion that is primarily made for snuggling. The pillow’s soothing natural noises and capacity to simulate breathing are intended to improve sleep for users. If you truly want to surprise someone you love this Christmas, a breathing cushion is unquestionably a unique gift.

Moodmetric Smart Ring

The smart ring from Moodmetric goes above and beyond the typical jewellery design. This gadget is intended to both track your emotions and assist you in controlling them. The ring connects to your smartphone and reportedly has the ability to detect your current emotional state.

The concept behind this device raises the question of whether someone really needs a ring to indicate their feelings, despite the fact that the concept itself appears admirable.

Once a soldier, Always a soldier


“You can’t leave animals of circus to the forest” – KP

You can make someone’s life easy by helping them a little bit more


Helping Hands

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