IOT based system to help paralysis patient

The IOT-based paralysis patient health care system is a system that allows patients to send messages to physicians, nurses, and family members while sitting at home or at work.

To provide this capability, the system takes use of microcontroller-based circuitry. A hand motion recognition circuit and a receiver and transmitter circuit are used.

The hand motion circuit uses an accelerometer and gyro to detect hand motions and then transmits that information wirelessly over rf to the receiver system.

The receiver system is designed to accept and execute these commands, as well as to show them on the LCD display and to send the data online to the IOT gecko server.

To obtain the required result, the IOTgecko server subsequently publishes this information online.

Block Diagram :

Specifications for Hardware

Atmega Microcontroller, Accelerometer & Gyro, ESP8266 Wifi Module, RF Tx Rx, LCD Display, Crystal Oscillator, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Cables and Connectors, Diodes, PCB and Breadboards, LED, Transformer/Adapter, Push Buttons, Switch, IC, IC Sockets.

Software Requirements :

Arduino Compiler, MC Programming Language: C

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