Best Web Series For Entrepreneurs

StartUP :

StartUp follows “the emergence of GenCoin, an excellent but controversial tech concept focused on virtual currency — a concept that gets incubated on the incorrect aspect of the tracks by three strangers who don’t necessarily fit the mold of tech entrepreneurs and a crooked FBI agent who will go to any lengths to take them down.

Silicon Valley :

Richard Hendricks creates an app called Pied Piper which includes a progressive statistics compression algorithm. Peter Gregory acquires a stake in Pied Piper, and Richard hires the citizens of Erlich Bachman’s enterprise incubator consisting of Bertram Gilfoyle and Dinesh Chugtai together with Jared Dunn, who defected from some other tech enterprise referred to as Hooli. Meanwhile, Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti chooses to simply accept a substantial advertising at Hooli instead, in spite of his lack of merit for the job.

Start-UP :

Set in South Koreas fictional Silicon Valley referred to as Sandbox, Start-Up tells the tale of people in the world of startup companies.

Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) is a brilliant and formidable younger girl who dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs. Dal-mi doesn’t have a fancy background however she’s enthusiastic about her work. She has a vibrant energy and is a person of superb vitality, having experience in a wide range of part-time jobs.
Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk), is the founder of Samsan Tech. A ‘math genius’ as a younger boy, Do-san was once the delight of his family however became their disgrace now, as his business has been going down for the past years. He finds out that Dal-mi mistakenly remembers him as her first love, so he decides to work his way up in hopes of turning that misunderstanding into reality.

Betas :

In Silicon Valley, the proper algorithm could make you a success and these 4 buddies think they have got some successful code.

Halt and Catch Fire :

In 1983, former IBM sales executive Joe MacMillan joins Cardiff Electric, a Dallas-based mainframe software company. There, he enlists the help of computer engineer Gordon Clark to reverse engineer an IBM PC and reconstruct the assembly language code of its BIOS. Company proprietor Nathan Cardiff and vice chairman John Bosworth confront the two while the organisation is sued through IBM for copyright infringement. After Joe famous that he informed IBM approximately the challenge, Cardiff Electric is pressured to legitimize it and enter the private computing business. Needing a software program engineer to write down the BIOS for their IBM clone, Joe recruits prodigy university scholar Cameron Howe to enroll in Cardiff. Joe heads the PC challenge, with Gordon main the hardware group and Cameron writing the BIOS in a “clean room”. Joe’s intention for the PC is to be two times the velocity at half the price of IBM’s PC, however plenty of the organisation does not purchase into his vision or believe him. He further alienates himself from Cardiff and Bosworth through provoking a capacity investor and inflicting IBM to reply to the challenge with competitive undercutting, luring away two-thirds of Cardiff Electric’s clients, resulting in layoffs.

Mr. Robot :

Sam Esmail, the show’s author and showrunner, is the credited author on the massive majority of the episodes. According to Sam Esmail, he’s interested in the hacker lifestyle and desired to make a movie about it for around 15 years. In the production, Esmail consulted professionals to provide a practical picture of hacking activities. Another notion for Esmail, who’s of Egyptian descent, changed into the Arab Spring, in which younger folks who have been indignant at society used social media to bring about a change. He has stated that Elliot is a “thinly-veiled version” of himself.

Mad Men :

Mad Men depicts parts of American society of the 1960s, including cigarette smoking, drinking, sexism, feminism, adultery, homophobia, antisemitism and racism.[21][57] Themes of alienation, social mobility and ruthlessness set the tone of the show. MSNBC stated that the series “generally stays disconnected from the outside world, so the politics and cultural tendencies of the time are illustrated via humans and their lives, now no longer broad, sweeping arguments”

Black Mirror :

Black Mirror became inspired through older anthology series, which includes The Twilight Zone, which Brooker felt had been capable of deal with controversial, contemporary subjects with much less fear of censorship than other more realistic programmes. Brooker evolved Black Mirror to spotlight subjects associated with humans relationship with technology, creating tales that feature “the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 mins time if were clumsy.”

The IT Crowd :

The IT Crowd is set withinside the workplaces of Reynholm Industries, a fictional British agency in central London, placed at 123 Carenden Road. It makes a speciality of the shenanigans of 3 participants of the IT aid group placed in a dingy, untidy, and unkempt basement – a great evaluation to the shining current structure and lovely London perspectives enjoyed through the rest of the organisation. The obscurity surrounding what the agency does is a running gag for the duration of the series, and all that is known is that the agency sold and bought ITV, and has a chemicals laboratory. However, it’s far hinted that Reynholm Industries is a communications agency, as Denholm Reynholm claims that the agency, through buying cellular phone carriers and tv stations, had created the biggest communications empire in the UK. Douglas Reynholm states his father Denholm, whom he succeeds after Denholm commits suicide, as soon as defined the IT branch as being run through “a dynamic go-getter, a genius, and a person from Ireland.”

TVF Pitchers :

Four friends — Naveen Bansal, Jitendra “Jitu” Maheshwari, Yogendra “Yogi” Kumar and Saurabh Mandal — enter the business world by launching their own start-up company. Naveen becomes indignant for not getting a project from the company in which he works, gets drunk and resigns. He faces a dilemma when he is offered a position in a branch office located in Beijing. He leaves for the airport however upon reaching there he realizes that he isn’t destined for routine jobs. At the same time, he gets information of his “B-Plan” reaching the final of the NASSCOM start-up conclave. This sets off a chain of events wherein the 4 rediscover what they really want in life, and face challenges in getting their start-up idea off the ground.

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