How to Deal with Depression

Hello Friends, I hope you all are safe and well. Today we will talk about depression.

There are lots of definitions and explanations of depression available on the web.

In my opinion, Depression is Unwanted Situations / Lack of Conversation / Loneliness / Lack of Understanding / Financial Crisis / Lack of Solutions / Stress / Pressure, and so on.

As we all know, Multi-talented famous actor Shushant Singh Rajput committed suicide due to some circumstances.

A lot of news reported that he committed suicide because of professional rivalry and many of them reported that he committed suicide because of his concern for his career.

As per his father’s statement, “Financial Crisis is not the reason behind this step” his family demanded more investigation of this.

“There is a big difference between sadness and depression”

Sadness is caused because of some unwanted situations or unexpected things to have happened.

While depression is the state in which victim feels worthless, their normal behavior towards people can be changed, Some cause of pressure and some biological component changes etc.

To prevent this situation, you have to break your routine.

There may be lots of reasons for depression and anxiety but the best way to prevent such conditions is “conversation”, Conversation with friends, family and colleagues.

Sometimes lack of conversation and overthinking must cause this type of situation.

Mostly women feel depressed during pregnancy or after pregnancy due to some hormones changes which are termed as antenatal depression

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“Life is like a fireball, It lights up until It burns” – K

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  • It’s really very true…. most of reasons behind depression and suicide is lack of conversation and loneliness… if we can’t accept anything (it’s like feelings, things,attention etc.. )by anyone then most of cause behind depressions and suicides are stopped….

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