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Nowadays, it is becoming a trend for some people to wear latest wardrobes and to showcase their innovation and sense. Also, as part of globalization youngsters prefer to new fashion clothes to adapt to the society. However, others believe this trend would have an adverse effect on their traditional clothing. In the following passage, I will explain various factors for this change before declaring whether it is a positive or negative development.

At present, more people are migrating to developed countries to experience better living standards. During such relocation, they tend to wear latest fashionable clothes to be one among the society and to gain confidence in their work locations. In addition, it is also considered as a self-esteem factor for many people to follow latest clothed while attending public and private ceremonies. For instance, my friend went to Canada as part of work location transfer, after 5 years I could see a radical change in his clothing style, and he said this change is needed to socialize with these neighbors, friends and colleagues. But some people suggest this transformation would hamper the native clothing style is various ways. Hence, it is believe wearing latest fashionable clothes is a need to gain confidence and to be
part of the local community.

Furthermore, even country will be benefited because of this trend. This would foster a nation’s clothing industry in leaps and bounds, could provide direct and indirect job opportunities for many youngsters, and has a cascading effect to country’s economy. Therefore, it is assumed this change in wearing latest clothes is good for the nation in all aspects.

To sum up, amidst this change could have a negative effect on native clothing style, however, considering a country’s financial factor and people’s liveability it is always a positive development.

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