Street Games:- Ringmaster


Objective:- To develop imagination and imitation ability.

No. of participants:- 20+ members or A full class of 20 students.

Age:- 5 to 12 years if(students), No age limits

Area:- 15m x 15m.


All the participants stand around outside the circle without joining hands. The leader/event manager/teacher acts as a Ringmaster and stands in the centre of the circle. The Ringmaster moves in a circle and calls the name of an animal/ bird. All the players in the circle imitate the movements of the animal/bird. For example, if the Ringmaster calls-Frog-the participants jump like a frog; Horse-Gallop like a horse; Dog- Walk like a dog, Elephant-Walk like an elephant; Cat- Walk like a cat; Kangaroo-Jump like a kangaroo; Sparrow-Fly like a sparrow etc. etc. These movements are repeated several times In the end the Ringmaster commands- ‘Parade’ to which the participants imitate any animal/bird they may choose.

Variation:- Participants may be asked to imitate the movement of a Train, Aeroplane etc. Rules/Guidelines:-

1. The Ringmaster may be given a whip.

2. The participants who imitate better when command ‘Parade’ is given shall be recognised.

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