Street Games:- Poshampar


Objective:- To develop team spirit besides developing strength.

Number of players : About 10 to 15.

Age: 5 to 15 years(if students), no age limits

Area:- 10m x 10m.

Description:- The teacher/leader appoints two captains who are tall as well as strong. He gives them names secretly such as Gold Silver; Day-Night or the names of Animals or flowers etc, The captains stand facing each other. They raise their arm up and join hands so that a gate is formed. All the other participants move either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction and pass through the gate in a file. The captains sing a song ” Poshampar Bhai Poshampar, Dakuon Ne Kya Kiya, Sow Rupay Ki Ghari Churai Ab to Jail Main jana parega” . The moment captains say ‘Ab to Jail Main Jana Parega’ . They immediately bring their arms down and catch a person who is inside the gate. They take him to the side and ask him what is his choice, that is, Gold or Silver or any other name given to them by the leader/teacher. As per his response, the child joins behind one of the Captains. Like this the game continues until all the participants have been caught in the gate and their choice is taken. Thus two teams have been formed which stand facing each other in files holding the waist of the person in front. Now a pulling contest is to be organized in between the two teams. For a pulling contest, two lines are to be drawn about 2 meter apart. The captains hold the hands of each other and stand in between the lines and the entire team tries to pull the other team to their side. Three chances may be given and the team winning two contests shall be declared the winner.


Ask the participants to hold the waist of each other firmly. The game shall be played in an open area on a grassy field. The captains shall hold the hands firmly and shall not release the grin.

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