Street games series:- 2) Birds Fly

This game is very famous in 90s Era specially. Birds fly game is used to play during 17th century and as invented by Indian street people.

Birds fly game is also known as farrrr game in region of the India.

So, let me elaborate more on this street game.


1) To develop presence of mind

2) To help quick responses

No. Of Participants:-

No. Of Participants should be about to 10 to 20.

There is no age limit as one of the favorite game/event for event manager at parties or at different occasions. Yes, children used to play mostly.

Area or location :- should be comfortable like 7m × 7m.

DESCRIPTION:- The leader or the teacher or the event manager sits/stands in front of the participants/players who are in setting position. They all have to keep the index finger of the right or left hand on the flate surface or on the ground. He/She says like ‘one of the bird name and fly’ or ‘any other name and fly’. Name possibly bird, animal, human name, nature or object. I.e He/She says Eagle fly.

Simultaneously, the teacher or the event manager or leader raises his or her hand above the head. Participants/players obey the leader or the teacher or the event manager if the name bird, object or animal flies. I.e they raise their hand up.

If the named object/animal/bird doesn’t fly, the hand remains on the ground.

But here the leader or the teacher or the event manager doesn’t follow the game rules and tries to confuse others by lifting his/her hand at the wrong time.

Anyone who makes an error is given out or a negative score. Anyone who score minimum negative scores or who stayed at last, end of the game is declared the winner.


1) Stay honest.

2) Stay focused.

3) Follow the rules.


1) The commands/words are to be obeyed promptly.

2) The leader or the teacher or the event manager should have to keep the score if necessary.

Positive Points :-

1) it’s all about spreading happiness.

2) stress buster

3) to assess reflexes, while responding.

Helping Hands.

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