Street Games Series :- 1) Making Groups

Street games are famous in most of the region of India and also nowadays it’s a popular choice for Event professionals who used to manage events at different locations and occasions too.

Children in India used to play in large numbers of a player. Making groups is also known as “gang members” too.

Game is very interesting for all and also very entertaining for party/occasions.

There are rules and guidelines too.

1) The players or Participants will have to make groups on (FCF) first come first basis.

2) The players or Participants can’t change direction to make groups for survival.


No. Of participants :- Infinity

Area or Place :- min. 12m × 12m (according to number of players)

Age doesn’t matter anyway. Usually, children wanna to play.

How to play?

The participants or Players are made to run in the circle and the leader or teacher or event manager stands in the center. So, He/She will announce particular numbers like, 2, 3, 3and half, or 6 etc. any number. Finally, participants have to make groups according to the number.

Let me take one example,

1) If he/she announce five, the participants immediately form groups of 5. Any one who failed to join in a group of 5 is given out or minus the score of individual player.

2) If 4and half, it means four participants will stand and one will squat down close to the four standing participants/players.

Ohhoy, End of games.

Like wise this game continues.

The participants/participant, who is remaining at the end of game will be declared the winner/winners.

Note:- this game is full of entertainment. Please play with honestly.

Positive points:-

1) Relieving stress

2) Develop running ability

3) Decision making ability

Happy Life – Helping Hands.

“I hope you will remember all your memories of childhood after gothrough this web series.”

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