Short Stories – Taste Of Love

Hello Friends, Today we will go through another short story which may change your mindset about your life…. Go through it!!!

He met her at a gathering. She was a straightforward young lady, while he was gorgeous, timid and ungainly.

Toward the finish of the gathering, he at long last called some boldness to welcome the young lady to have espresso with him. She was amazed, yet out of good manners, she acknowledged his welcome to go out on the town. The two of them sat in a decent café, he was too anxious to even think about saying anything, she felt awkward, hanging tight for espresso. With him being so bashful and ungainly around her, It appeared as though the discussion between them could never begin.

The espresso was brought and all of a sudden, he asked the server. “OK please get me some salt? I’d like to place it in my espresso!” Everyone at the bistro gazed at him with a weird look! His face turned red, yet at the same time, he put the salt in his espresso and drank it. She asked him inquisitively, “Why this bizarre propensity?” He took two or three tastes and answered, “When I was a young man, I lived close to the ocean, I preferred playing in the ocean, I could feel the flavor of the ocean, much the same as the flavor of the salty espresso. Presently every time I have the salty espresso, I generally think about my adolescence, think about the place where I grew up, I miss the place where I grew up so much, I miss my folks who are as yet living there.” While saying that tears filled his eyes.

She was profoundly contacted. That is in all seriousness. A man who can tell out his nostalgia, he should take care of business who cherishes home, thinks about home, has understood his duty regarding his family … She at that point began discussing her adolescence, her faraway main residence, and her family.

That was an extremely pleasant talk, likewise a delightful start of their romantic tale. They kept on dating. She found that really, he was a man who satisfies every one of her needs; he had resistance, was benevolent hearted, warm, cautious. He was such a decent man and had it not been for the salt in the espresso, she’d never had truly known him!

The remainder of the story was much the same as some other excellent romantic tale: they at long last got hitched, and they carried on with an upbeat wedded life. What’s more, certain! each time she made espresso for him, she put some salt in the espresso, simply the manner in which he loved it! Following 40 years of conjugal happiness, he kicked the bucket after a short ailment.

At some point, she found a letter he had left for her which stated,

“My dearest, if you don’t mind pardon me, excuse as long as I can remember a falsehood. This was the main falsehood I said to you—the salty espresso. Keep in mind the first occasion when we dated? I was so apprehensive around then, really, I needed some sugar, yet I said salt. It was difficult for me to change so I just proceeded. I never felt that could be the beginning of our correspondence! I attempted to disclose to you reality ordinarily in my life, yet I was too reluctant to even think about doing that, as I have guaranteed not to mislead you for anything… Now I’m kicking the bucket, so I reveal to you reality, I don’t care for the salty espresso, what an unusual awful taste… But I have had the salty espresso for as long as I can remember! Since I knew you, I never feel frustrated about anything I accomplish for you. Having you with me is my greatest bliss for as long as I can remember. In the event that I can live for the subsequent time, still, need to know you and have you for as long as I can remember, despite the fact that I need to drink the salty espresso once more.

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