Short Stories – Dark Dots

Hello Friends, Today we will go through another short story which may change your mindset about your life…. Go through it for #Life!!!

One day a teacher entered the study hall and approached his understudies to plan for an unexpected test. They trusted that the test will start. The teacher strolled around the class and gave the inquiry papers with the content confronting downwards.

When he gave them hard and fast, he requested that his understudies turn the page and start. Incredibly, there were no inquiries, yet only a dark spot in the focal point of the page. The teacher completely perused everybody’s puzzled articulations and said-“I need you to compose what you see there.”

The confused understudies started to do what they had been approached to do.

Toward the finish of the class, the teacher took all the appropriate response papers and began perusing every last one of them so anyone might hear before every one of the understudies. Every one of them without any exemptions portrayed the dark dab, attempting to clarify its situation amidst the sheet, and so on. After all had been perused, the homeroom quiet, the teacher started to clarify:

“I am not going to review you on this test; I simply needed to give you something to consider. Nobody expounded on the white piece of the paper. Everybody concentrated on the dark dab – and the equivalent occurs in our lives. This is actually what we end to do with our lives. We have a white paper to clutch and appreciate ,however we are so occupied with mulling over about the dull spots that are in there. Life is an exceptional blessing and we will consistently have motivations to celebrate. It is changing and reestablishing regular our companions, occupations, job, love, family, the marvels we see each day.”

But then we demand to concentrate just on the dull spots – the medical problems that are troubling us, the cash that we need, the extravagances we don’t have, confusions in any relationship, issues with a relative, the failure with a companion, etc.

You have to understand that the dim spots are extremely little and just few. But then we permit these to dirty our brains.

Remove your eyes from the dark spots throughout your life. Appreciate every last one of your endowments, every minute that life gives you.

Be happy and live a life positively!

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