Gully Boy

  • Movie is starting with gully boy(murad) lifestyle inside chawl which covers his family background as well as his love story with Safeena ( alia ).
  • Murad is suffering from family issues, relationship issues and financial issues.
  • Due to all that he didn’t know what he want to achieve in his life he was tired of everything.
  • Then he decided to follow his passion Raping and get started his journey.
  • everyday practices, parttime work and study everything maintained parallelly.
  • Here gullyboy invest in himself to get his destiny by facing lots of storms as well as suffering from lots of family issues.
  • Once he attend concert of M.C. Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) at his college and then he got inspiration and desided to rap.
  • M.C. Sher help him a lot and they both made one rap video and upload it on youtube.
  • Sky(Kalki Koechlin) watched that video and want to work with murad(gully boy) she contact him and then another chapter got started she helped him and made other rap videos due to which they both gone like eachother.
  • Murad got breakup with safeena after that they both are continue to build up their carries.
  • Murad win contests and all other events of rapping and safeena completes her graduation.
  • After that murad and safeena got patch up and happy ending 🙂

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