25 best hiking places for backpackers all around the world

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  • Famous For: Iconic views of Mount Everest, Sherpa culture, and stunning landscapes.
  • Activities: Trekking, photography, cultural tours.
  • Must-See: Tengboche Monastery, Khumbu Glacier.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Dal Bhat (lentil soup with rice), momo (dumplings).
2. Inca Trail, Peru
  • Famous For: Ancient Incan ruins, including Machu Picchu.
  • Activities: Trekking, exploring archaeological sites.
  • Must-See: Sun Gate, Intipunku, and the Inca ruins along the trail.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Famous Food: Ceviche (marinated raw fish), lomo saltado (stir-fry beef).
3. Torres del Paine Circuit, Chile
  • Famous For: Dramatic granite peaks, glaciers, and turquoise lakes.
  • Activities: Trekking, wildlife spotting, camping.
  • Must-See: Grey Glacier, French Valley, and the iconic towers.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Patagonian lamb, empanadas.
4. Milford Track, New Zealand
  • Famous For: Rainforests, fjords, and waterfalls.
  • Activities: Trekking, boating, bird watching.
  • Must-See: Sutherland Falls, Mackinnon Pass.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Famous Food: Kiwi lamb, green-lipped mussels.
5. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
  • Famous For: Diverse landscapes from subtropical forests to high-altitude deserts.
  • Activities: Trekking, cultural tours, hot springs.
  • Must-See: Thorong La Pass, Muktinath Temple.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Dal Bhat, yak cheese.
6. John Muir Trail, USA
  • Famous For: Sierra Nevada mountain range, stunning vistas, and diverse ecosystems.
  • Activities: Trekking, camping, fishing.
  • Must-See: Yosemite Valley, Mount Whitney.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Trail mix, freeze-dried meals (bring your own food).
7. GR20, Corsica, France
  • Famous For: Rugged mountains, granite peaks, and diverse flora.
  • Activities: Trekking, rock climbing.
  • Must-See: Bavella Needles, Asco Valley.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Corsican charcuterie, brocciu cheese.
8. Kungsleden (The King’s Trail), Sweden
  • Famous For: Arctic landscapes, pristine wilderness, and the Northern Lights.
  • Activities: Trekking, fishing, skiing (in winter).
  • Must-See: Abisko National Park, Kebnekaise mountain.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Famous Food: Swedish meatballs, reindeer stew.
9. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Famous For: Africa’s highest peak, diverse climatic zones.
  • Activities: Trekking, wildlife safaris.
  • Must-See: Summit at Uhuru Peak, Shira Plateau.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Ugali (cornmeal porridge), nyama choma (grilled meat).
10. Haute Route, France and Switzerland
  • Famous For: Alpine scenery, connecting Chamonix and Zermatt.
  • Activities: Trekking, mountaineering.
  • Must-See: Matterhorn, Mont Blanc.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Swiss fondue, French baguettes.
11. Snowman Trek, Bhutan
  • Famous For: Remote Himalayan landscapes, pristine wilderness, and cultural encounters.
  • Activities: Trekking, exploring monasteries, wildlife spotting.
  • Must-See: Laya Village, Gangkar Puensum (world’s highest unclimbed mountain).
  • Difficulty: Extremely Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Ema datshi (chili cheese stew), red rice.
12. Toubkal Circuit, Morocco
  • Famous For: North Africa’s highest peak, traditional Berber villages.
  • Activities: Trekking, exploring local markets, cultural tours.
  • Must-See: Summit of Mount Toubkal, Imlil Valley.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Tagine (slow-cooked stew), couscous.
13. Laugavegur Trail, Iceland
  • Famous For: Geothermal hot springs, volcanic landscapes, and colorful mountains.
  • Activities: Trekking, hot spring bathing, photography.
  • Must-See: Landmannalaugar, Thorsmork Valley.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Famous Food: Skyr (Icelandic yogurt), lamb soup.
14. Overland Track, Australia
  • Famous For: Tasmanian wilderness, unique wildlife, and ancient rainforests.
  • Activities: Trekking, camping, wildlife watching.
  • Must-See: Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Tasmanian salmon, wallaby stew.
15. West Coast Trail, Canada
  • Famous For: Rugged coastal scenery, diverse marine life, and ancient rainforests.
  • Activities: Trekking, beach camping, tidepooling.
  • Must-See: Tsusiat Falls, Pachena Bay.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Pacific salmon, bannock (fried bread).
16. Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Famous For: Colorful seaside villages, vineyards, and Mediterranean views.
  • Activities: Trekking, wine tasting, swimming.
  • Must-See: Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Famous Food: Pesto pasta, focaccia bread.
17. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa
  • Famous For: Dramatic escarpments, remote landscapes, and rock art.
  • Activities: Trekking, rock climbing, bird watching.
  • Must-See: Amphitheatre, Tugela Falls.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Biltong (dried cured meat), bobotie (spiced minced meat dish).
18. Salkantay Trek, Peru
  • Famous For: Alternative route to Machu Picchu, diverse ecosystems, and stunning mountain views.
  • Activities: Trekking, exploring Inca ruins.
  • Must-See: Humantay Lake, Salkantay Pass.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Pachamanca (earth-cooked meat and potatoes), quinoa soup.
19. Jungle Trek to the Lost City, Colombia
  • Famous For: Ancient ruins of Ciudad Perdida, dense jungle, and indigenous cultures.
  • Activities: Trekking, river crossings, cultural tours.
  • Must-See: Lost City ruins, Buritaca River.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Arepas (corn cakes), bandeja paisa (platter of meats and beans).
20. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii, USA
  • Famous For: Breathtaking coastal views, waterfalls, and secluded beaches.
  • Activities: Trekking, swimming, snorkeling.
  • Must-See: Kalalau Beach, Hanakapiai Falls.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Poke (marinated raw fish), Hawaiian plate lunch.
21. Fish River Canyon, Namibia
  • Famous For: Africa’s largest canyon, desert landscapes, and night sky views.
  • Activities: Trekking, stargazing, wildlife spotting.
  • Must-See: Fish River Canyon viewpoints, Ai-Ais hot springs.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Biltong (dried meat), kapana (grilled meat).
22. The Haute Route, Switzerland to France
  • Famous For: High mountain passes, views of the Matterhorn, and Alpine scenery.
  • Activities: Trekking, glacier walking, mountaineering.
  • Must-See: Zermatt, Chamonix.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Fondue, raclette.
23. Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit, Peru
  • Famous For: Spectacular Andean mountain range, remote trekking, and high-altitude passes.
  • Activities: Trekking, high-altitude camping, photography.
  • Must-See: Siula Grande, Lake Carhuacocha.
  • Difficulty: Extremely Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Ceviche, alpaca meat.
24. Tour du Mont Blanc, France/Italy/Switzerland
  • Famous For: Circuits around Mont Blanc, diverse cultures, and Alpine beauty.
  • Activities: Trekking, cultural tours, wildlife spotting.
  • Must-See: Chamonix, Courmayeur.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Tartiflette (potato, cheese, and bacon dish), polenta.
25. Zanskar Gorge (Chadar Trek), India
  • Famous For: Walking on a frozen river in winter, stunning gorge views.
  • Activities: Trekking, ice walking, cultural experiences.
  • Must-See: Nerak waterfall, Zanskar River.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Famous Food: Thukpa (noodle soup), momos (dumplings).
Additional Activities

While trekking, consider engaging in these activities to enhance your experience:

  • Photography: Capture stunning landscapes and wildlife.
  • Bird Watching: Observe unique bird species native to the region.
  • Camping: Experience the outdoors by camping along the trails.
  • Cultural Tours: Learn about the local culture and traditions.
  • Difficulty Meter: Assess each trek’s difficulty based on your fitness level and experience. Some treks are extremely challenging and require prior trekking experience.
  • Safety: Always trek with a guide if the trail is difficult or unfamiliar. Carry essential gear like a map, compass, first aid kit, and sufficient water and food.
  • Games: During breaks, you can play lightweight and portable games such as cards, travel-sized board games, or simple outdoor games like frisbee or hacky sack.

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