Best places to get certified as an adventure commando

Finding the best places to learn various adventure activities to become a pro often depends on factors like location, reputation of the training facility, quality of instruction, and the specific environment conducive to the activity. Here’s a breakdown of recommended places for learning each activity:

Skydiving and Parachuting:
  1. Perris Valley Skydiving – Located in California, USA, known for comprehensive AFF instructor courses and a vibrant skydiving community.
  2. Skydive Empuriabrava – Situated in Spain, offers AFF instructor training in a scenic Mediterranean setting with consistent weather.
  3. Skydive Sebastian – Based in Florida, USA, renowned for its AFF instructor courses and proximity to coastal diving areas.
Scuba Diving:
  1. Utila Dive Centre – Located on Utila Island, Honduras, it’s well-regarded for PADI instructor development courses in a tropical diving environment.
  2. Pro Dive Cairns – Situated in Cairns, Australia, offers PADI instructor courses with access to the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  3. Go Pro Costa Rica – Based in Costa Rica, provides PADI instructor courses in Pacific coast diving sites with diverse marine life.
Rock Climbing and Mountaineering:
  1. AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) Programs:
    • Various locations across the USA, including Colorado, California, and New Hampshire, known for their rigorous climbing and mountaineering courses.
  2. UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) Courses:
    • Offered in multiple countries across Europe and beyond, focusing on alpine skills and mountaineering techniques in diverse mountain environments.
Wilderness and Outdoor Education:
  1. NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) – Offers courses in various locations worldwide, including Wyoming (USA), Patagonia (Chile/Argentina), and the Yukon (Canada), specializing in wilderness education and leadership.
  2. Outward Bound – Operates in multiple countries, providing courses in leadership, outdoor skills, and personal development in wilderness settings.
Other Adventure Activities:
  1. White-water Rafting Guide Certification:
    • Locations with reputable programs include the Colorado River (USA), Zambezi River (Zimbabwe/Zambia), and Futaleuf├║ River (Chile).
  2. Sea Kayaking Instructor Certification:
    • Areas like British Columbia (Canada), Maine (USA), and New Zealand offer ideal settings for sea kayaking instruction with diverse coastal environments.
  • Research and Reviews: Look for training centers with positive reviews and testimonials from past students regarding the quality of instruction, safety standards, and overall experience.
  • Local Conditions: Choose locations with suitable environmental conditions for the activity you wish to learn, such as consistent weather for skydiving or diverse marine ecosystems for scuba diving.
  • Certification Bodies: Ensure that the training facility is accredited by recognized organizations like PADI, AMGA, UIAA, or relevant national associations to ensure high-quality instruction and certification validity.

Selecting the right location for learning these activities can enhance your learning experience and skill development, preparing you for certifications and future adventures in the outdoors.

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