Why did I fail the 75 Hard Challenge?

This blog provides a comprehensive breakdown of my failure experience to help you avoid failure. Before jumping to my data, we must understand the seventy-five difficult obstacles.

So, I stumbled upon the YouTube channel “Ankit Baiyanpuria” where I had the opportunity to introduce the 75 Hard.

And I began to investigate it. I learned more about it through the YouTube podcasts “REAL AF with Andy Frisella” where I learned everything about the 75 Hard.

The creator of the self-improvement program is Sir Andy. Initially, he intended to foster mental fortitude, discipline, and personal growth.

The challenge consists of daily requirements that must be met for seventy-five days in a row. That comprises

  1. Two 45-minute exercises. (One of them should be held outside regardless of the weather.)
  1. Maintain a strict diet. (Encourages healthy eating and dietary objectives). Simply remember NO alcohol and NO cheat meals.
  2. Consume one gallon of water.
  3. Read ten nonfiction pages.
  4. Take a photo of your progress.

AND Now comes the most difficult portion of the 75 HARD. There are no cheat days. If you miss any of the daily requirements, you must begin from the beginning.

I believe the objectives of 75 Hard are to be rigorous and to force participants out of their comfort zones, thereby fostering the development of discipline, mental fortitude, and healthier habits.

Why have I failed?

Yes, I did fail. When I began training for the 75 HARD, gaining muscle mass was my primary objective, which I accomplished. However, as stated, 75 hard is not designed for your personal objective. Your personal objective may be the result of 75 Hard.

I recommend that everyone understand how 75 Hard was designed. But I missed and only partially comprehended; this was my first and foremost error.

Nevertheless, I was still able to endure 29 days of 75 Hard.

For each individual who failed 75 Hard, there must be unique and diverse reasons. But I have categorized the data from my experience and other sources as follows:

Lack of motivation, difficulty adhering to stringent requirements, or unanticipated life events.

In addition, Unrealistic expectations, lack of planning and family support, Injury, etc.

As a novice, I have unrealistic expectations for this difficulty. I can say that the challenge’s strict requirements, including daily workouts, diet, and reading habit, were too demanding for my lifestyle. I was highly motivated on day one. As the days passed, I eventually felt burdened and exhausted.

I believe that due to my living habits, my lifestyle is still in its infancy and I am not yet prepared for it.

But I know now.

Staying committed to a rigorous planning process for 75 days can be mentally and physically demanding due to a lack of motivation, causing some to lose motivation over time.

In addition, failing to have a well-structured plan or the required resources can make it challenging to adhere to the challenge’s requirements.

The third most influential factor was the absence of support. I reside in Canada, far away from my native India. I couldn’t balance my time as had to do all stuff on my own. Everything implies everything. The most time-consuming activity is socializing, followed by cooking, cleaning, and then work.

Yeah! Life is not always predictable, and those unable to adapt to unanticipated changes may find it difficult to complete the 75 Hard challenge.

What you believe ultimately matters. Isn’t that so? I believe that failure in such situations is common and can provide valuable opportunities for personal development.

It is essential to gain insight from failures and modify your strategy if you decide to try again.

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“Be a better person every day, No matter what!”


-Helping Hands.

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