What are the horizons of Maintenance Management?

There are three interrelated facets of plant or facility management that are crucial to its smooth functioning: maintenance, total plant management, and production management. The horizons of the various regions are as follows:

Prospects for Maintenance Management:

To keep everything running smoothly, maintenance management is focused on keeping all of the necessary tools and machinery in excellent operating order. The scope of maintenance management includes the following:

Reactive maintenance is the process of fixing broken machinery after it has already occurred. Reactive maintenance has a limited time frame, generally within the next few hours or days.

Preventative maintenance is planned maintenance performed in advance to avoid unexpected breakdowns in machinery. Preventive maintenance plans are made for the medium term, on the time scale of weeks or even days.

The term “predictive maintenance” refers to the practise of determining when breakdowns are expected to occur in order to schedule maintenance appropriately. Predictive maintenance looks many weeks or months ahead.

Future Perspectives in Integrated Plant Management:

The term “Total Plant Management” refers to the practise of overseeing every facet of a manufacturing or processing facility. In comprehensive plant management, you’ll expand your perspectives to encompass these areas:

Long-term planning, or strategic planning, entails deciding what it is the company or facility wants to accomplish. Strategic plans have time horizons of at least three to five years.

Tactical planning is the process of formulating strategies and actionable plans to bring about the plant’s or facility’s long-term goals and objectives. Tactical plans normally have a time span of one to two years.

Preparing and organising the day-to-day operations of a plant or facility to maximise productivity and efficiency is what we call “operational planning.” Plans for daily or weekly operations are the norm.

Prospects in Production Management:

Management of the manufacturing process to maximise productiveness and minimise waste is the focus of production management. The scope of production management includes the following:

During the following few days or weeks, manufacturing operations will be planned out based on existing demand and inventory levels, which is known as short-term production planning.

Preparing production operations for the next several months based on anticipated demand and inventory levels is known as medium-term production planning.

Long-term production planning entails organising manufacturing endeavours for the following 12 months or more in light of projected market tendencies and anticipated consumer demand.

As a whole, the time periods and goals of maintenance management, total plant management, and production management are intertwined and reliant on one another.

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