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Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is common on the internet.

Content abounds on the internet, and it can be accessed on millions of different websites.

At times, determining which information is plagiarised and which is not might be difficult.

Authors of blog posts should double-check to determine if their work has been plagiarised and published elsewhere.

News companies should look into if a content farm has copied and repackaged their stories as their own.
The work is difficult.

What if you had your own programme for detecting plagiarism?
AI has created this chance.

Source Code

Systems for Product Recommendation

As a result of the rise of Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, and other comparable web services, recommender systems have grown increasingly common in our lives.

They’re algorithms that aid in the discovery of goods that are related to a person’s interests.

In some industries, recommender systems are critical since they may generate significant money or act as a way to set oneself apart from competition.

In order to offer suggestions, it assesses the compatibility of the person and the object, as well as the similarities between users and products.

Source Code

Prediction for the Next Word

It’s never simple to write quickly while avoiding spelling errors.

Typing accurately and fast on a desktop computer is not difficult, but typing on tiny devices such as mobile phones is a different story, and it may be irritating for many of us.

Only by guessing the next word in a sentence fragment can you enhance your experience typing on small devices using the next word prediction project.

Because the algorithms will anticipate the next word for you, you won’t have to enter whole phrases, and errors will be greatly reduced.

Source Code

Recognition of people’s faces

Facial recognition is a method of identifying or validating someone’s identity by looking at their face.

Persons may be recognised in photos, movies, and in real time with this technology.

Facial recognition is a sort of biometric security.

Although other uses are becoming more popular, the technology is mostly used for security and law enforcement.

Face recognition often does not require a big database of photos to determine an individual’s identity; instead, it simply detects and recognises one person as the device’s exclusive owner, while denying access to others.

Source Code

Virtual Assistant with Voice Recognition

This is one of the most interesting Artificial Intelligence project ideas.

Voice-activated personal assistants are helpful tools for simplifying daily tasks.

Virtual voice assistants may do things like search the web for items/services, buy for you, take notes and set reminders, and much more.

The assistant will identify the command and save it in the database since it has been educated to interpret regular human language.

From the said sentence, it will determine the user’s intent and take necessary action.

It also has the ability to transform text to speech.

Source Code

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