Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Projects With Source Code

AI-assisted self-driving vehicles

Self-driving automobiles are made possible by artificial intelligence systems.

They enable a car to acquire data from cameras and other sensors about its surroundings, evaluate it, and determine what actions to take.

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence have enabled automobiles to learn to execute certain jobs better than people.

It included advanced arithmetic and image recognition algorithms.

Source Code

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

One of the most popular AI-based projects is the creation of a chatbot.

You should start with a simple customer care chatbot.

Chatbots, which may be available on a variety of websites, might provide inspiration.

After you’ve built a simple chatbot, you may improve it and make it more complicated.

Artificial intelligence allows you to soar and assists you in realising your dreams.

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Virtual Assistant with Voice Control

This is one of the most interesting Artificial Intelligence project ideas.

Voice-activated personal assistants are helpful tools for simplifying daily tasks.

Virtual voice assistants may do things like search the internet for items/services, buy for you, make notes and generate reminders, and much more.

The assistant will identify the command and save it in the database since it has been educated to interpret regular human language.

From the said sentence, it will determine the user’s intent and take necessary action.

It also has the ability to transform text to speech.

Source Code

Detection of Pneumonia

Doctors frequently use chest X-rays to diagnose pneumonia.

However, AI is capable of detecting illness in patient X-ray pictures.

The AI system is built using convolutional neural networks (CNNs).

The AI technology can automatically assess whether a patient has pneumonia or not by analysing chest X-ray data.

Because people’s lives are at stake, the algorithm must be extremely accurate.

Source Code

Predictor of Sales

Any company has a lot of items, but how they keep track of each one’s sales is beyond us.

A sales forecaster can help with this.

It allows you to keep track of new product arrivals as well as ones that are out of stock.

Sales Predictor will be a massive endeavour.

You must create an algorithm to assess how many goods are sold on a daily basis and anticipate sales on a weekly or monthly basis for that product.

Source Code

CV Evaluation

This is one of the most interesting Artificial Intelligence project ideas.

Selecting deserving candidates from a huge pool of CVs is a challenging task.

This project’s purpose is to create cutting-edge software that can provide a legally sound and equitable CV ranking system.

Candidates will be rated for a particular job profile based on their skills and experience.

Other significant characteristics will be considered as well, such as soft skills, interests, professional credentials, and so on.

This will eliminate all inappropriate candidates for a particular role, leaving just the top prospects for the job.

Source Code

Prediction of Heart Disease

This initiative is beneficial from a medical aspect since it is aimed to give online medical assistance and counselling to people suffering from heart issues.

The application will be educated and supplied data on a number of different heart illnesses.

This smart technology employs artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to forecast the most accurate illness that might be related to patient data.

Based on the system’s diagnosis, users may seek medical advice from professionals.

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