Lean Shipbuilding:- Can Lean be Fully Implemented in Shipbuilding?

“LEAN SHIPBUILDING” refers to the process of building ships and offshore units using LEAN PRINCIPLES.
Like many other sectors, present shipbuilding in most shipyards is rife with NON-VALUE ADDING ACTIVITIES (referred to as NVAs).

called WASTE or “MUDA” in lean vocabulary) that raise costs, decrease quality, and cause delivery delays and hence make no contribution to meeting the Client’s expectations.

Despite the fact that they have to deal with it every day, yard managers are frequently unaware of all the Non Value added time and effort.

With massive efforts to make very few improvements The Lean Shipbuilding application illuminates and clearly defines all types of WASTE, making them obvious to all individuals engaged in the process.

It then gives techniques for progressively eliminating all types of MUDA and increasing THROUGHPUT.

Lean Shipbuilding also provides a mechanism to connect the yard’s process with the operations of suppliers and contractors, resulting in a continuous flow of intermediate goods and value-added operations across the whole production chain, pulled by the client.

Management based on lean principles employs many levels of approach, allowing each management engaged to remain focused. Top management will be given instruments to observe and deal with the whole value chain, from raw materials and components supplied by suppliers to the finished, complicated, and sophisticated units provided to Ship Owners.

Lean philosophy seeks operational “perfection,” and hence serves as the foundation for establishing an ongoing improvement process including all shipbuilding sectors.

Can Lean be Fully Implemented in Shipbuilding?

In general, every building process may be thought of as a series of ACTIVITIES that need manpower and a variety of RESOURCES. There are two types of activities that can be graded:


Activities that DON’T ADD VALUE (but are, rather, still consuming resources).

The first fundamental LEAN concept is pretty simple: any action that does not add value as seen by the customer (and thus simply increases COST) is WASTE (or “MUDA,” as the Japanese call it) and must be ELIMINATED from the process.

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