AI-based Cancer Prediction System using Datasets and Machine Learning

According to WHO information, In 2018, cancer claimed the lives of 9.6 million individuals throughout the world. In addition, 3 lakh new cancer cases are identified each year in children aged 0 to 19. Cancer is one of the worst diseases that a person may contract. On the plus side, if cancer is diagnosed early enough, nearly half of malignancies may be avoided and treated. Otherwise, it might result in a life-threatening condition or perhaps death. As a result, having a system or technology that may assist doctors in detecting cancer at an early stage when it can be properly treated becomes even more important.

We developed a Cancer Prediction System utilising the Nave Bayes Machine Learning method to address this problem using sophisticated technical solutions and artificial intelligence. This system uses a statistical strategy to generate a result based on previous datasets by applying probabilistic and optimization approaches. This kind of evaluation seeks to assist doctors and pathologists in detecting cancer at an early stage, when it may be avoided and cured, thereby saving many lives.

Users can obtain quick counselling on their cancer illness using an intelligent online system with this system. The Cancer Disease Prediction web application is a project that aims to provide end-user support and online consultation. The programme is provided with a variety of information, as well as the cancer illness that is connected with that information. It enables users to discuss their cancer-related concerns. It then checks for various cancer diseases that might be linked to the user’s inputs by processing user-specific information.

The Nave Bayes algorithm is used to forecast the most accurate cancer illness that may be linked to the user’s information. The system displays specific doctors for future therapy based on the results. The technology allows users to see information of doctors.

Predict Cancer (by submitting information such as age, gender, blood clots in the urine, daily urination, pain in the chest, coughing up blood, pain/itching in the mouth, and impaired memory etc.). The system will then suggest a Doctor for consultation.

This product is not for sell. NGOs and other helping organizations can drop mail request to get it. Product will be deliver to you for free, if you’re genuine and eligible.

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