Karma or Luck?

Hello Friends today we will go through one short story which will change your mindset about karma and luck.

Once there was a men who was selling idli at his shop. He was too much talkative thats why he wasted too much time while selling idlis.

But because of talkativeness, he gain enough knowledge to have conversations with professional peoples.

I used to go at his shop for breakfast

Once I went for buying idlis from him, I was in too much hurry and he was wasting his time in gossips instead of giving me idlis.

To teach him lesson, Second time I went for buying idlis I prepared one tricky question for him.

I asked “Are you believing in karma or luck?”

Instead of avoiding me he answered very well, I was surprised after listening his answer.

“Karma and luck both are equal keys to success, As an example your ‘bank locker’, you can access your bank locker while having both of keys one own by manager and another one own by yourself, same as in your life key of luck is own by god and key of karma is own by yourself.”

Author – Raj Kamadiya

“Your Mindset is your Life”KP

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  • It’s true…we always see the 1st side of coin but coin has always 2nd side also…both side of coin is metter….as like both side of thinking is also very metter in our life….

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