what is a Serverless PHP – Laravel?

Serverless PHP Laravel?

Hello Friends,
Today we will discuss about one of the best update of laravel “Vapor

‘On-demand auto-scaling with zero server maintainance.’

Databases :

Vapor isn’t just about deployments. Create, manage, scale, and even restore your traditional and serverless databases directly from Vapor’s intuitive dashboard.

Caches :

Need data fast? Vapor makes it a breeze to create and manage ElastiCache Redis clusters. Need even more speed? Let Vapor scale your cache while you kick back and relax.

A serverless future for Laravel.

Laravel Vapor is fine-tuned by Laravel’s creators to work seamlessly with the framework. You can keep writing your Laravel applications exactly like you’re used to.

Queues :

Write and dispatch your Laravel jobs. Then, experience the power of serverless scalability as hundreds of jobs are executed concurrently with zero configuration.

Cloud Storage :

Easily stream your file uploads directly to S3 with Vapor’s built-in JavaScript utilities. It’s like magic.

Vapor abstracts the complexity of managing Laravel applications on AWS Lambda, as well as interfacing those applications with SQS queues, databases, Redis clusters, networks, CloudFront CDN, and more. Some highlights of Vapor’s features include:

  • Auto-scaling web / queue infrastructure fine tuned for Laravel
  • Zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks
  • Environment variable / secret management
  • Database management, including point-in-time restores and scaling
  • Redis Cache management, including cluster scaling
  • Database and cache tunnels, allowing for easy local inspection
  • Automatic uploading of assets to Cloudfront CDN during deployment
  • Unique, Vapor assigned vanity URLs for each environment, allowing immediate inspection
  • Custom application domains
  • DNS management
  • Certificate management and renewal
  • Application, database, and cache metrics
  • CI friendly

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