Short Stories – Peace

There once lived a king who announced to prize the artist who could paint the first-rate portray depicting peace. many brilliant painters sent the king numerous in their first-rate art pieces. one of the pix most of the diverse master portions turned into a peaceful lake flawlessly mirroring peacefully towering snow-capped mountains. overheard become a blue clear sky with fluffy clouds. the picture turned into best. the general public who considered the pics of peace from numerous artist notions that it changed into the exceptional among all.

however when the king introduced the winner, anybody changed into taken aback. the picture which won the prize had a mountains too but it changed into rugged and bare. the sky regarded very angry, there were lightning. this did not look non-violent in any respect. it seemed just like the artist has mistakenly submitted his painting depicting typhoon rather than peace. but if everybody appeared closely at the painting, he may want to see a tiny bush developing within the cracks inside the rock. inside the bush a mom bird had constructed her next. in the midst of the rush of irritated weather, the chook sat on her nest with peace.

the peace does no longer suggest to be in a place where there’s no noise or trouble. peace manner to be in the midst of all of the chaos and still be calm in the coronary heart. the actual peace is the state of mind, now not the country of the environment. the mom fowl at her calm, regardless of her chaotic surrounding indeed turned into the first-rate illustration for peace.

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