Street Games:- Physical Education or Manner

Formations means the manner in which the participants or players are made to stand while starting a physical education for class as well as to introduce a game decide playing the actual game.

In physical education or manner, the participants or players assume various formations, namely, line formation, semicircle formation, scattered formation skated formation in circle, single circle formation, double circle formation, file formation and relay formation.

1) Line formation:-

In this formation the participants and players stand in a single line. The event manager or leader or teacher stands in front and the participants stand side to side facing him/her. This is the most common formation in which teacher assembles a class, takes attendance and gives general instructions.

2) Semi Circle Formation:-

The players and participants stand side to side in a semi circle facing the event manager or teacher or leader. He/She faces the participants/players and stands almost in the centre at a distance according to strengthen. This formation is used for explaining the game as well as giving a demonstration and understanding a rules. Also some of the games are played in same formation too.

3) Scattered formation:-

The participants/players stand scattered in limited area. They may eithar face in one direction or different.

This formation is generally used in Tag Games.

4) Scattered formation in a circle:-

This this means the participants or players make two groups, whereas the other group stands scattered inside the circle.

5) Single circle formation:-

The players for participants stand making the shape of a single circle or round. Usually their face is towards inside the circle with the teacher/leader/event manager standing either inside the circle or outside the round.

6) Double Circle Formation:-

The players and participants stand in the shape of a double circle. Generally we can see this formation in Navratri garba while playing.

7) File and Relay formation:-

File Formation, in this formation the players or participants are made to stand in a single file or line one behind the other.

In relay formation, the players and participants are made to stand in four or more queues or lines or files with equal number in each. They face in front and teachers/event manager/leader stands in front of them for giving instructions, demonstration as well as the explanation of the different games.

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