Short Stories – Grand Paa

“GrandPaa/Dadu” – Hero of our family or I can say the ruler of our family.

I think everone missed their elders/grandparents, It doean’t matter they are alive or not, because they have done many things for us without any expectations and give their pure love that’s it.

Here I am sharing my heart touching story with you..

Once there was a little boy playing in the garden alone. While he was playing in the garden he saw some elders group who were sitting under the tree’s shadow and doing discuss about their life.

Everyone was talking about what they had achieved and what they won’t.

Some of them were also talk about their regrets in their life.
At the end what the little boy understands is it’s not all about money, material things or worst use of relations for self growth because at the end “You were come alone, you will go alone” if you can understand.

Little Boy understood that he has to do something that everyone keep remember him for good things even if in his absense.

He learned a lot while having great time with that elders and enjoyed their company.

Some of the elders were too much happy because they didn’t have their grandchild to be play with so they enjoyed that little boy company too much.

While leaving garden little boy asked to elders curiously “what do you think what is more important in life?”

elders replied :– “Selfless Relations”.

Thank you guys i hope you all might like this article.

Today is Birthday Of My GrandPaa and All of Us Miss him and My GrandMom and My Little Cousin Sister as well.

One best thing i want to share with you guys is :– “Enjoy Company of your family members before they died”.

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