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Hello Friends, Today we will go through another short story which may change your mindset about your life…. Go through it!!!

In the wake of spending almost every waking moment with Angel for eight straight days, I realized that I needed to reveal to her only a certain something. So late around evening time, just before she nodded off, I murmured it in her ear. She grinned – the sort of grin that makes me grin back – and she stated, ‘When I’m seventy-five and I consider my life and what it resembled to be youthful, I trust that I can recall this exact second.’

A couple of moments later she shut her eyes and nodded off. The room was serene – practically quiet. Everything I could hear was the delicate murmur of her relaxing. I remained alert contemplating the time we’d spent together and every one of the decisions in our lives that made this minute conceivable. Furthermore, sooner or later, I understood that it didn’t make a difference what we’d done or where we’d gone. Nor did the future hold any hugeness.

All that made a difference was the quietness existing apart from everything else.

Simply being with her and breathing with her.

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