Short Stories – Danger Judgement

Hello Friends, Today we are going through another Short Story Which may Change your Complete Life…

There once was a king, who invited all brahmans of their kingdom for brahma bhoj.

At that time one snake tries to a got rabbit but suddenly one eagle attack on that snake and get that in the leg and fly away from there.

After that, snake bites to eagle leg and eagle then dropped the snake, then the snake was fallen into the big pot in which vegetables were cooked and then got died.

All it’s poison were mix with food and all of brahmans got died due to that.

After watching all this picture Chitragupt asked to yamraj “who is responsible for these deaths”.

yumraj didn’t answered at that time.

After a long time, one brahman came to that kingdom and asked for the way to one lady.

She guide the brahman and told him that be careful, the king were invite the brahmans for brahma bhoj and kill them.

At that time yamraj answered to Chitragupt “she is responsible for that go and take her”.

Because she didn’t know anything and blame the king without any proof or inquiry.

Moral: Do not judge anyone without knowing what the actual matter is.

Written/Guided By :- Raj Kamadiya

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