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Hello Friends, Today we are going through another Short Story Which may Change your Complete Life…

One day a business man drive away to a village for some business related work.

After completing his work he was returning to his home, Suddenly his wheel got punchered.

So he just left the car and try to replace wheel. during that the screws which are used to settle wheel were dropped into the river near the car.

It was summer and there was punctured too hot/warm atmosphere.

One milk man was passing through that road daily, Businessman was lucky at that day.

Milkman was passing through that way and he had seen that businessman car got punctured .

Milkman asked for giving help, but due to warm atmosphere businessman mind was out of control he was tense, he answered “Just go away from here you fool villagers” after listening this milkman behaves calm and again ask for giving any help.

Businessman replied and explained all situation.

Now i have one question for you what will milkman answered for this situation?

Situation is “One tire got punctured and spare wheel screws were missing”

If you want to try then don’t read answer try to find it by your own else i’m giving n answer here.

Milkman then replied “Use one screw from each of other 3 wheels and after few meters there is one garage where you can buy new screws and fix it”
Suddenly Businessman askedhow could you have such a idea?

Milkman repliedyou are worrying about your problem, and having fear of problems, while i’ve try to get solutions for this particular problem and fix it without worrying about it.

Businessman then felt sorry to milkman and ask for pardon him
Milkman then smiled and go away from there.

Moral : In any situation no matter how worst it is or how good it is stay calm and neutral and then take decisions and also think twice before you answering anyone because “spoken words never rollback

Written/Guided By :- Raj Kamadiya (Birthday Boy)

Wish you happiest bday brother…

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