How will this continued?

Hi Friends, Today we will talk about how will something gone continue?

First of all, I hope you all are good. do not read this post if your mood is good. read this post whenever you fill tired of your life or need some change in your life, please don’t read this else.

“How Wiil this continued?” this article is written through some unhygienic feelings we can say worst feelings which we feels sometimes i don’t know why bt at one point everyone had feel it once.

Every people around you are living their life as they want or as they don’t want whatever who cares? actually many of people got tired of this foolish life sorry not foolish life but people around them or we can say environment around them or we can say expectation of them from this bullshit world. right? ohh come on don’t fool yourself.

Mostly people think everyday, ‘it’s enough, i need a break’ may be they are stitched with some responsibility or some other issues they have to be continued. i don’t know why i’m writting this article but right now i’m feeling same thing what i’d written here. “Need a Break, go somewhere where no one knows me just me and my soul” but it’s not possible that everything/anything you want will be done as you want because partially you are freebird / independent or “freedom” whatever but all of you is actually manage by this world, people around you, environment around you.

It feels really worst there is no words for it.

No More Words….

Solution : –

One of the best solution i found is divert your mind to something else (sounds good but it’s difficult)

Second one is play with little kid or pet dog or pet cat(sounds good possible)

Third one is Listen music*, watch movie*, outing*,other activities*.

Forth One is best go to sleep(sounds really good)

*Depend on your choice.

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