At the time of facing interview ,

Always remember that you are most successful person in the world, so always think +ve.

Remember one think, your interview is starting when you ask for “ coming in sir / me’m”.

Note it :- 1. Dress code is standard, 2. Some greeting sentence, 3. Resume – Standard but as per requirement , 4. Do proper eye contact,

During interview, some questions are easy but presence of mind is most require

1. Introduce yourself.

Give an introduction of yours, but don’t say what you like. In this question, we can say our name, grade history, our greatest quality, personality, project,skills & knowledge etc. This question is mostly ask for fill you to comfort.

2. Why should we select you only for this job?

Give proper and satisfied reasons for prove your confidence.

3. How do you look at yourself after 5 years from now?

Explain in a smart way like, I am one of the interior part/member of your company.

4. What is the color of peacock’s egg?

Ohhhh, it’s common sense…..

5. What would you do if you were not selected for this job?

Okay, you can say that your effort is good for getting job. In case , I will go with my special skill or i will try again.

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