Flutter or ReactNative?

Building cross-platform cellular apps is trending these days, with the advent of frameworks that may build native apps without using swift for iOS or Java for Android.

React Native and Flutter are the two maximum popular cross-platform cell improvement frameworks which might be getting used to construct lots of cell apps these days. If you ought to pick out React Native vs. Flutter which one must you select?

There is no right answer to this question. The answer to this question depends on your business needs and use-cases. Both React Native and Flutter are powerful contenders with their very own set of pros and cons.

Being a React Native developer myself, I have tried to write this article without bias.

Both React Native and Flutter come with a number of similarities like, constructing cross-platform apps using one codebase, warm reloading, incredible UI, fantastic tooling and local features. But, they do have their differences.

Let’s discover React Native vs. Flutter against numerous factors.

React Native

React Native is written totally in JavaScript the usage of React. This is a massive perk for React Native on the grounds that JavaScript continually ranks as considered one of the maximum famous and used programming languages within the world. Finding developers to code in JavaScript is straightforward and consequently mastering React Native is quite easy for any JavaScript developer.


Flutter is written in a language called Dart. Although, Dart is fantastically clean to choose up and is a superb programming language, it does now not have the popularity that JavaScript has. A developer getting on the Flutter boat, would need to research Dart. Typically, developers from a C++/Java history can relate to Dart greater than a JavaScript developer.

Nevertheless, in my opinion due to the gaining knowledge of curve that comes with getting to know Dart, and it being an exceptionally newer language the winner right here is React Native.

Winner: React Native

Corporate Backing

React Native by way of Facebook

React Native is backed by using Facebook and became open sourced by using Facebook in 2015. Facebook has a dedicated group of engineers who are running on React Native and making it higher everyday. Since Facebook is closely invested in React Native, many internal Facebook products are coded in React Native. With Facebook’s heavy involvement in React Native, has gained quite a few agree with and popularity over the years.

Flutter with the aid of Google

Flutter is a distinctly new framework when in comparison to React Native. It is backed by way of another giant, Google. Flutter is Google’s open-supply SDK for creating apps for Android and iOS using single codebase. Google is heavily backing Flutter, similar to Facebook is backing React Native. The Google community is invested in making Flutter one in all the nice answers accessible to construct cross-platform apps.

Winner: Both React Native and Flutter are equals.

What is Trending?

If you study the latest StackOverflow Survey of 2019, we are able to get an idea of which framework builders decide upon as of today. The survey asked developers approximately their most loved frameworks.

Flutter ranks higher with 75.4% and React Native also made the cut with 62.5% among maximum loved frameworks.

Something to preserve in thoughts here is that React Native has been around longer years now and numerous human beings are already working on it. Whereas, Flutter is most effective a yr vintage and is beginning to get greater famous. We will ought to make the equal comparison next year to peer how they compare.

Based on the modern-day traits we’ve got a winner.

Winner: Flutter


There is a common notion that Flutter performs better than React Native. This could be because Flutter does not have a JavaScript bridge like React Native to have interaction with local components. Dart code is compiled to native system code, hence doing away with the JavaScript bridge. This improves the overall performance in comparison to React Native which uses the JavaScript bridge.

But there have not been many real-time profiling comparisons that I have visible comparing Flutter and React Native to virtually say Flutter is superior.

Winner: Flutter


React Native:

It is broadly followed and a number of its popularity is additionally because of the success of React. React developers can leap on board and without difficulty develop React Native cell apps. Today merchandise like Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, Tesla, Bloomberg, and plenty of extra use React Native for their mobile applications.


With Google being the backer of Flutter, it has gained pretty a chunk of interest too, this yr.

Alibaba the web shopping giant, has followed Flutter for one of their cellular apps. Google Ads and Hamilton music also are evolved using Flutter. But other than these, there aren’t many apps in the app store which are developed with Flutter.

This is again something we want to re-visit next 12 months to look how many products have embraced Flutter.

Winner: React Native

Job Prospects

Since, React Native has been around for a while now and uses React and JavaScript (two popular options) it leads to higher activity prospects.

The identical StackOverflow Survey of 2019, also indicated that React Native is more desired in evaluation to Flutter. This tells us that there are extra React Native jobs available, in evaluation to Flutter.

We probably can not come to a quick conclusion about Flutter primarily based at the jobs to be had these days. Flutter continues to be new and upcoming, and few years down the lane there maybe a demand for Flutter builders. But as of nowadays there are lots of React Native jobs when compared to Flutter jobs in the market. This is because React Native developers are also React builders, and React happens to be the most famous front-stop framework obtainable.

React Native ranks higher with 13.1% and Flutter with 6.7% among most wanted frameworks.

So getting to know React Native might be extra beneficial in case you are on a glance out for a job soon.

Winner: React Native


It is a thrilling time in cell improvement. We are moving far from just native improvement for iOS or Android and embracing more recent technologies that construct cross-platform cellular apps. Although, React Native does have a few strong points today, Flutter is a rising contender and I am sure it will be embraced by loads greater humans within the coming days.

Picking an era to study, in reality depends on your use-case. If you are extra of a C++ or Java developer, you may like Dart and for this reason like Flutter. Is your historical past in web-development like me and you adore JavaScript? If this is the case then, React Native can be a higher option for you.

To Learn React Native click on given link : Click Here

To Learn Flutter click on given link : Click Here

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  • Great content.but what about ionic? I really like react-native, it’s pretty good and number of Libraries are available. But I think flutter is quite difficult and not have much libraries. Keep it up🆙🆙🆙


    • Ionic is all about hybrid mobile app development and there are lots of freelancers are working in ionic but comparatively, there are fewer jobs are there in companies for Ionic developers because most of the clients prefer to develop an application in a native environment. But Ionic is Easy to adopt. If a developer is familiar with CSS, HTML or JavaScript frameworks then learning and developing apps using Ionic framework becomes easier.

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