Street Games:- Will catch you or Blind fold

Brother-Brother Where you are?

Objective:- To assess kinesthetic sense

No. of participants:- 25+ members or A full class of 25 students.

Age : 5 to 10 years(if students), no age limits.

Area: 10mx 10m


Description:- All the participants are made to stand in a marked area of about 5m x 5m. One participant is appointed as an ‘It’ who is blindfolded. On a signal he asks – Brother – Brother – where you are ?’ The participants reply, ‘Here’ On hearing the signal, ‘It’ moves in a particular direction and tries to touch a participant. The other participants are free to move in any direction within the restricted area. The participants are permitted to even squat on the ground. The It’ asks again and again Brother- Brother – where you are? The Participants have to reply ‘Here’. While doing so any participant may come behind ‘It’ and slowly pat him at the back. If ‘It’ is successful in touching any player, both of them exchange places and the game continues in a similar manner.


The playing area must be even and free from obstacles.

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