Street Games:- Dhamal Dhoko or Ghora Jawar Khaye

Ghora Jawar Khaye:-

Objective:- To develop alertness and peripheral vision.

No of participants:- About 20 to 25.

Age : 6 to 16 years(if students), no age limits.

Area 15m x 15m.

Equipment : Towell or any cloth which is to be twisted to form a Kodha.

(Here ‘It’ means leader or captain or a player, who’s turn)


Description:- All the participants except an ‘It’ sit in a circle facing inside. ‘It’ has a piece of cloth or towel called Kodha. ‘It’ hides the Kodha under his shirt and runs in a clockwise direction. He sings – Ghora Jawar Khaye and all others respond by saying – Jo Piche Dekhe Maar Khaye. The participants are required to look in front.

They cannot turn their neck but can move their eyeballs. ‘It’ tries to drop the Kodha behind any one without letting him know. ‘It’ continues to run in the same direction. If a person finds that ‘It’ has dropped the Kodha behind him, he lifts it and chases ‘It’ in order to hit the ‘It’ with Kodha. The ‘It’ has to take a round and sit in his place.

The player with the Kodha becomes a new It’. If a player fails to detect the Kodha behind, ‘It’ after taking a round, lifts the Kodha and hits the player. The player runs, takes a round and sits in his place. “It’ starts the game again and the game continues in a similar manner.

Precaution: The players shall hit the Kodha only at the back of a participant.

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