Unknown Abbreviations!

Abbreviations are really helpful for informal conversations. Moreover its help to leave a strong and an identical impact mostly. Believe me! if you are one of the social buddy you should be aware of it. Abbreviation also has significantly contained, some former words, abbreviations, identical signs and symbols. you may say, a shortened form of a phrase or summation of complex or most often used words and sentences too.

In modern ERA, you should have to introduce yourself towards the abbreviations in your daily conversation.

here, i wanna share some most attractive and high spectacular abbreviations.

  • AD– Anno Domini (used for referring to years like AD 1111)
  • BC– Before Christ
  • am– ante meridiem(used for referring time before noon)
  • AIDS– Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • bf– brought forward
  • cf– carried forward
  • Co– Company
  • c/o– care of
  • DA– Dearness Allowance
  • do– ditto
  • eg– exampli gratia & for example
  • etc– et cetera
  • GATT– General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  • GNP– Gross National Product
  • Hon– Honourable
  • hp– horsepower
  • ILO– International Labour Organization
  • IMF– International Monetary Fund
  • INTERPOL– International Police
  • IOU– I owe you
  • IQ– Intelligence Quotient
  • LA– Legislative Assembly
  • Messrs– Plural of Mr.
  • MP– Member of Parliament
  • NOC– No Objection Certificate
  • NRI– Non-Resident Indian
  • OK– All Correct
  • opp– opposite
  • Perks– Perquisites of Office
  • PIN– Postal Index Number
  • pm– post meridiem ( used for referring time afternoon )
  • PT– Physical Training
  • PTO– Please Turn Over
  • Q– Queue
  • R&D– Research and Development
  • RCC– Reinforced Cement Concrete
  • recd– Received
  • ref– Reference
  • RSVP– Repondez s’il vous plait (Reply-if you please.)
  • SOS– Save Our Souls
  • STD– Subscriber Trunk Dialling
  • TB– Tuberculosis
  • UFO– Unidentified Flying Object
  • UNESCO– United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • UNO– United Nations Organization
  • UPSC– Union Public Service Commission
  • VCR– video cassette Record
  • viz– Videlicet (namely)
  • WC– Water Closet
  • wef– with effect from
  • WHO– World Health Organization

Helping Hands.
If you have any other ABBREVIATIONS, please let us know and comments here. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks. Have a Productive Day!

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