Short Stories – Pet Sparrow

There was a jungle in which one sparrow family was living. Everything was going well. They all were living their life and facing lots of struggle and had lots of dedication for their survival.

After a longtime baby sparrow became a young sparrow, the baby sparrow was too much innocent. during their life journey, they learn a lot of things about survival and how to deal with others for helping eachother after all this is all about survival right?

Once that little sparrow fly for a long from jungle and met one pet sparrow.

Then both of them met eachother everyday because they both like eachother’s company so well. Both of them wants to be with eachother for a lifelong because they both got fall in love with eachother.

But, as in every love story, there must be some twist right? yes, exactly here same thing was to happen. The “pet sparrow” told to a little sparrow that her life was in the cage only, she could not allow to broke the rules and she can’t leave her parent’s in the cage as well.

Little Sparrow(from Jungle) told her that ‘you are absolutely right, We can not leave our parent’s into the cage. Why should we don’t try to get them out of the cage?’

Pet sparrow was thinking about it, But she was afraid of her parent’s that ‘her parents will not allow to do that’, that’s why she dropped the hand of little sparrow and told him that leave me for a while we can not be together because my parent’s will not allow me for that.

Then? then what little sparrow getting shocked, there were lots of promises, lots of dreams, lots of quality talks and lots of feelings with emotions all getting die everyday, day by day.

The same situation for pet sparrow, She also want to solve this out but having no idea of how to do that? How to solve that situation? Then she got an idea of generating bad impression in his mind that’s why she performs a bad roll to get a bad impression in his mind. She won’t like to do that but she only had that one idea that’s why she continued with it.

Everyday little sparrow get tired of begging for love, convinced for being together to solve all the issues together everything, everything which is possible, But pet sparrow ignored him, disrespect him, insulted him and a lot, only because of getting bad place in his heart and tries to create bad impression of her in his mind so that he can forget her, But the little sparrow truly love her that’s why he never dropped her hand in any situation anyhow.

This is story of two love birds one from freedom(Jungle) and one from cage(Pet sparrow).

Once both of them met together accidentally and talk together, Both of them had lots of memories together of best days and worst days as well, But the good thing was they never dropped each other’s hand never ever, they both were met after a long time but still they never asked to each other about anything about their current life they just accept each other with no any questions that’s called a real trust, they both had/have/will_have trust in each other, that’s why they never got brokeup internally or externally.

Every day they both pray for each other and having believe that, one day they will meet together for a lifelong with no any limitations, both of them will having freedom to fly anywhere and both of them will enjoy eachothers company.

Conclusion :

They both know each other very well, they both having believe in each other that they will meet that’s a true faith or we can say true belief.

Both of them having faith in their love, lots of trust in each other and loyalty with each other, everything was right only what they need is confidence, confidence to convince their parent’s, to make them understand that out of cage there is beautiful life please keep supporting us and be with us in our decision that’s it.

All of you guys must have courage to make understand your parent’s that you are not always wrong you can be right as well your decision can be right as well let you guys decide that you want to regret on your own decision or your parent’s decision choice is yours if you want to take your decision for your life then make your parents understand what is your point of view about your decision for your life and what is theirs and which one is actually good for your life. Else just live your life and at last don’t blame your parents for anything because you didn’t try anytime to make them understand the reality of truth right? so it’s your fault not theirs.


When you truly want somthing and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen.

“You are not defeated, when you lose,
 You are defeated, when you quit.”

  • Pray to God every day, only god can do impossible to possible..

Tujhe koi rokde na kisi ki aukat,
________Tu kar mahenat wakt tere sath,
Kum nind khat pe khana hamesha baat ke,
________Sapno ke piche krde yara din rate,
Kamyabi ka ek hi he mantra,
________Piche padja tu nishane ke thith bunkar,
Na soch na sikandar na jiti jati duniya
________Tu bi banda vo bi banda thoda bi na antar,
Farq bs soch ka tu sidiya na gin,
________Dictionary se nikalde namumkin,
Jod jod eate yara banta hein ghar,
________Sabar kar mahel banega ek din.”

“Sapne dekhte rehna or sapno se ladna sab pura hota he sab.”

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