Short Stories – Lesson of Life

Lesson Of Life :

I know you all have lots of lessons learn from your life but this is unique just read once if you like it else you can continue with your beliefs you are great as usual.


“One day a little youngster ask to his dad, what is an incredible estimation? rather than replying, father advised his child to take this stone and go sell it in the market. on the off chance that anyone ask the value raise two fingers and don’t utter a word. the kid at that point went to the market and a lady asked what amount is this stone? I need to place it in my nursery. the kid didn’t utter a word and raise up 2 fingers and the lady said $2 I’ll take it. the kid at that point advised to his dad, the lady needs to purchase this stone for a $2, father at that point said child I need you to take this stone to the gallery. on the off chance that anyone needs to get it don’t let out the slightest peep simply set up the 2 fingers. the kid at that point went to an exhibition hall and a man needed to however the stone, the kid didn’t let out the slightest peep and set up two fingers, and the men said $200? i’ll take it!, the kid was stunned and went running home.. father, a man needs to purchase this stone for $200. his dad at that point said child, the last place I need you to take this stone is to a valuable stone store.. show it to the proprietor and don’t let out the slightest peep and in the event that he requested a value simply set up 2 fingers, the child at that point went to a valuable stone store, he demonstrated the stone to the proprietor. proprietor asked where did you locate this stone?? it’s one of the most rarest stone of the world… I should have it. what amount would you sell it for? the kid set up 2 fingers. what’s more, the men said. I’ll take it for $200,000. the kid not comprehending what to state ran home to his dad. his dad at that point stated, child, do you know an amazing estimation now? you see.. it doesn’t make a difference where you originate from, where you were conceived, the shade of your skin or how a lot of cash you were naturally introduced to.. it makes a difference where you choose to put yourself the individuals you encircle yourself with and how you conduct yourself. you may have carried on with as long as you can remember suspecting you were a two dollar stone you may have carried on with as long as you can remember encompassed by individuals that saw your value just for two dollars yet everyone has a jewel within them and we can encircle ourselves with individuals that see our worth and see our precious stone within us we can place ourselves in a market or put ourselves in a valuable stone store!! what’s more, you can likewise observe the incentive in other individuals, you can enable other individuals to see the precious stone within them, pick the individuals you encircle yourself, pick the individuals you encircle yourself with carefully that can have a significant effect in your life!!!”

We all are flow with our life daily without having any fix destiny plan, right? it’s common i’m writing it everytime but still none of you have planned something regards your destiny right?

okay, let it be. I’ve one question for you. did you ever ask yourself at any morning that, what is a temperary goal for today that I’ll complete by my own? anyone?

okay, forget. we all learn something everyday from little little moments happened around us. we know peoples around us, see everything else is excuse of yours if you really want to do something then no one can resist you i repeat no one!!!

just live your life like a king you need no one to fulfill you, take a deep breath to enjoy natural beauty, live with animals they need someone to be loved and advantages are they doubled the love you give to them and return it to you with full of loyalty.

Help needy people still lots of children are doing a job even in holidays for their survival. they didn’t get a chance for study because of their poverty, help them if you are good enough.

Many people are homeless and survive without the quality of food, help them if you can.

As we know how much we will save money doesn’t important, because we can not buy death using it and we can not use it after death but if you had done something good with that money lots of people blessing will be with you everytime.

See we can not handle everything as we want, so let it be. life is all about chances try and try you will get definite success.

If you guys loved this one share it with your nearest one, friends, family members and the person who really wants to do something in their life…

Have a greatest day…

– Helping Hands

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